Submit your home made song to a Youtube show

Submit your most rockin’ home recorded music to be played on an upcoming episode of “You Rock!”! Note that preference will be given to home studio produced metal, rock, and electronic music that best suits the nature of the show. No guarantee is made that your song will be featured, but all tracks will be considered.

The show can be found on the Thomas Christ YouTube channel here:


Unfortunately I removed my YT account because I hate the zero anti-fake/quack policy of YT

It seems otherwise a nice initiative

Well done.
Me too but still thinking if I will do myself more harm by leaving YouTube.

There’s projects I am involved in that requires interaction with the YouTube channel subscriptions.

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I am lucky in this case, because I play music for fun, so I don’t mind fans, clicks, etc

I also have a domain and a website that is turning towards hobbies as far my retirement gets closer

I don’t mind fans & clicks either…so feel free to like, follow, subscribe, and patreonize me :grin: :laughing: :rofl: :star_struck:


Do it now, Claudio ! :grinning: You could spend 6 hours a day on music …