Subtle humanisation in velocity and timing request...?

Looking at Scaler 2.4, some very nice functonality added, thanks.

How about adding subtle humanisation in terms of midi velocity and timing?
Might be nice when you’re sending midi to orchestral instruments (e.g. short strong ostinatos)

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There is in the top right Humanise menu, you can vary velocity or timing or both. Moves both between 5&15% Am I misunderstanding your post?
Obviously this is an area we would love to expand upon in the future.

sorry, didn’t know that was there.

nice one.

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Hallo davide,
I am using Scaler 2.4.0 VST3 and I am unhappy about the Velocity Humanize Function.

Your last post suggests a 5-15% deviation, but when switching on “Humanize velocity”, I see velocity ranging from about 60 to 120. Which is definitely out of your given range and “overhumanized”:-).
Without Humanize I see a velocity of 89.

Please look into this and also provide a choice of Humanize amount, separately for velocity and timing.

I think that might come in full number update. Maybe starting in version 3. The quantize section needs revamped as well so it can be used with the velocity setting.

Hi @JustMe Yes velocity is a little more the 5-15% deviation, I was referring specifically to timing which is 5-15%.
Humanizing will get a complete overhaul and be very customisable in the future. Stay tuned and thanks for feedback.

Better humanisation for velocity and timing is something I wish for since a long time. Not happy with it like the thread starter.

It’s mainly a issue of having no controller about the range of the randomisation.

This plugin nailed that part for me. start, end, velocity, all very easy and detailed controllable. Chordz