Suggest chords for melody note

I’m really enjoying Scaler and finding it quite useful as a creative tool. One feature that I would like to see is “suggest chords that support chord melody composition and reharmonization” by showing chords/inversions where a given note within a scale is the highest (melody) or lowest (bass) note of the suggested chord.

For example, if I’m in the key of F major, and I choose the note A from the scale (the third), Scaler could suggest (among many others):

  • Triads: F (second inversion), Dmin, Gsus2 (second inversion), and so on
  • 7ths: G7, Fmaj7 (third inversion), and so on
  • …and so on
  • …not to mention the various reharmonizations where that A is a tension of a chord outside the key/scale.

This request is similar to an older one from a couple years ago.


Thanks @marcja and welcome to the forum. Feedback always great and that thread you referred to is indeed on our priority list.