Suggest passing chords

hi all - happy 2022, here’s to more creativity, interesting harmonies and wild melodies!

Scaler has been a revelation for me over the past few months so a massive thanks. What a wonderful tool. I’ve been using the suggested chords feature quite a lot over the past few weeks - for composition and for learning.

Apologies if this is crazy but wondering if there’s any way to have the Suggest feature work to find potential options for passing chords - something I’m still struggling to do.

I imagine it could work a bit like this:

I’d make a selection of the entire progression with a gap - the Rest box - for where I’d like a suggestion for a passing chord. I’d somehow then focus the algorithm on the Rest box (right click?) and hit Suggest. Then rather than get options for what might follow Cmaj, I’d get options for what might work as a connector between the Ab and C.

I guess something like this could also be used to fill gaps in progressions when I know my first chord and where I want to the progression to end. Though maybe this is already something the Modulation function does? I haven’t yet explored that properly but have Davide’s videos in my to-watch queue.

Hi @versuswhat and Happy New Year to you too!
You can click on the flag (top right) of any chord to suggest a ‘passing’ chord or indeed you can use the multitude of modulation options to find interesting chords following any chord. See these two vids:


That modulation feature is really good. It is in constant use today to create interesting chord movements.

Scaler has so many answers to progressions right now it will take a long time to explore them all. And i imagine 2022 will bring even more. As I always say - an outstanding app!