Suggested modulation options - how about showing Flat 3rd, and secondary dominants?

In terms of Modulation, is there a way you could fit in the suggestion of the next chord being a secondary dominant, or even a flat 3rd?

So in the key of C, suggesting “V7/ii = A7” etc.
And a flat 3rd also works nicely and can be used, e.g. in the key of C major, Eb major.

Have you had a look through current modulation features? You can see the secondary dominants of all keys, and we have a ‘chromatic mediant’ preset that does exactly what you suggest. It’s beautiful.

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thanks Davide,
ah ok, I can see the Amaj. I guess that will do pretty much as well as a V7 (A7).
Is the chromatic mediant preset here:

I was looking for something like this, but I think in Scaler its there somewhere in its own presentation format I guess. This to me is a bit clearer.

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