Suggestion for screen real-estate improvement

It seems to me that Scaler is suffering a little from trying to fit everything on one screen, and some of the sections are smaller that is optimal.

Why not have a “full screen mode”? I have two monitors, - one I can view my DAW, the other one is for the plugin I am working on.
Why not have an option in Scaler that caters for people with the luxury of two monitors and can quite happily have Scaler take up a whole screen.
I think that a majority of people out there have two monitors actually. For the laptop users, they simply don’t click the full screen button and they just use the default layout as it is now.

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@MasterTuner That is a great idea but I’m not sure a plugin can work in full screen mode. In fact I have never seen any plugin use full screen mode. Why not just resize scaler to it’s max? Also we are implementing a full GUI redesign for Scaler 2 as you are 100% correct in the screen real estate. A victor of it’s own success in many ways is Scaler!

@davide will current scaler version be fixed to support hidpi/windows scaling anytime soon? I bought the plugin 2 months ago and still cannot use it at all due to this limitation. (a no go if you ask me, should be fixed quick) - thanks

Hi @ppppp Our dev team has reported that there will be improvements to the handling of the hidpi screens in Scaler 1.7. I hope this improves the situation for you.

@davide thats great
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