Suggestion: Keep posts on topic and, where possible, to a single topic

I think the Scaler forums are excellent with many good participants posting interesting, helpful and useful threads. However, things get a little crazy when a topic wanders off from the original post and is basically hijacked or obscured.

I’m not jumping up and down about this just making this suggesting. If you want to take a thread in a new direction off the topic of the original poster’s topic open a new thread on it.

I hope this doesn’t sound negative, I don’t mean it to. I’m just looking for a little more topic clarity in our posts. At times I miss a post because it is buried in a thread that’s digressed from the OP’s question or comment.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


You are right

And because I think I’m involved :grin: :rofl:, I’d like to explain my point

when I start a topic, I don’t dislike at all (rather I like) that others drop off topics, or jokes, because I consider this forum also a way to know other people and strike out friendships, not just exchange technical data, and also because I think that freedom about OTs makes the environment more relaxing

Nevertheless, I’ll tie a knot in my handkerchief :grin:


I agree with all you said about the forums. I don’t object to a naturally evolving conversation but it’s easy enough to just say, “this brings up another point,” and then start a new topic on it. This way a thread about “topic A” stays on that topic and a new thread on a new subject is opened up. This way we get expanding subjects and threads.

At times a Scaler user or other interested person will use a Search Engine and threads in this forum might appear in the results. If this leads to a thread here that’s about the subject of the search all the better.

I’m all for letting things develop naturally. I don’t want to cramp anyone’s style or preferred way of posting. That said, let’s try not to step on the toe of an OP’s question or thread topic. I think the forums will be better for us all with that in mind.

Your posts have been some of the best here and I’m glad you take the time to do it. Whatever works for you is fine with me but I also thank you for understanding the suggestion here. :slight_smile:

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Keeping threads on topic on this forum is much like herding cats. You can try but they have a mind of their own. :upside_down_face:


The challenge here is finding the right balance. Clearly, too much topic meandering makes it hard to follow posts thread, and that is a negative aspect. However, I think there is a positive argument for some (how much is that ? ) latitude, for the following reasons

{1} The scaler community is very diverse; in skills, whether amateur bedroom tinkerer of professional, and, for example, in age, but most critically in the use to which Scaler is put and the type of music being created…
This is a surely valuable resource for the Scaler team and users alike, as it gives valuable insight into the demographics of the user community … who are they developing the product for? how can they maximise / optimise their market? This information assists in the determination of development directions.

Users benefit from this, because they are more likely to find their wishes embraced in future releases.

{2} One extreme type of board is where visitors come principally to report bugs or slag off the product .Apart from being a depressing read of irritated negativity, there is little progressive content for either developers or users. Why visit ?
On the other hand, there can be some element of what might be termed ‘community’, which I think this board has. People get a feel for what their fellow Scaler users are like and do musically… It’s almost certainly a cartoon image, but it encourages, IMHO, productive - see {1} - engagement as opposed to users wishing to avoid contact with a negative winge-fest,

Why @1stInversion’s post is important is that it illustrates we can be self- modifying as a group, given the odd friendly nudge if someone thinks it’s getting out of hand. Maybe the moderators can jump in with a light tap from time to time.

PS: On a personal note, many posts include slight diversions on production techniques, music theory relating to the processes undertaken with Scaler’s output. I have found these to be valuable, and I think this again moves the board above RTFM queries and bug reports.