Suggestion: Prevent overlapping chords

When using Bind Midi, Scaler currently plays multiple chords at the same time when multiple keys in the Bind Midi range are held down at the same time. Most of the time this isn’t noticeable, but when you use Scaler with an arpeggiator, the arp output can jump around quite audibly if it sees all those notes at the same time, even for a fraction of a second. It would be great to have an option to prevent this, so that each press of a chord key would automatically mute any other chord (that is, send note-offs before note-ons).


Thanks for the feedback.

Scaler allows triggering multiple chords at once to create complex harmony easily by combining voicings.
It is true than when using an arpeggiator this behavior can be annoying as you would expect Scaler to release the previous chord completely before triggering the next one.

Having an option to change this behavior is a good idea. We will try to add it to the next release.

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