Super easy way to make a matching EZbass line

… and have EZBass that follows you as Broomstick Bass does :grinning:

Use the routing below, where Scaler feeds AAS Strum-GS in Guitar option and AAS Strum-GS feeds EZBass

Set Scaler in loop, then click the Record button in EZBass

Start the playback in your DAW, and EZbass will record the input (red circle and arrow on the left)

Note that during the recording, EZBass plays the bass in real time, almost as Broomstick Bass does :grinning:

At the end of the loop you’ll see that EZBass recorded all chords and a basic bassline without articulations

Now go in the Grooves tab and find your preferred bassline and apply it, then export the MIDI in your DAW

Depending on the source (AAS Strum-GS is better than Scaler, likely because the former acts like a “filter” making chords easier for EZBass), EZBass may get wrong on some chord: in this case edit its MIDI, or just add an Ableton matching scale (C maj in this case) before the bass

That’s all!


Grande ! thanks for the suggestion

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Di nulla Pier Paolo

Uno degli aspetti piacevoli di Scaler è questo forum in cui scambiare consigli ed esperienze in un clima rilassato, a volte anche umoristico :grinning:

P.S. potresti anche trovare interessante gli altri miei post su EZbass che trovi facilmente con la funzione di ricerca; per es questo

Now we know how Claudio really feels about us, talking behind our backs :laughing:

One of the pleasant aspects of Scaler is this forum where you can exchange advice and experiences in a relaxed, sometimes even humorous atmosphere

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Claudio is using performance terms and phrases, I think :rofl: :rofl:

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Now it’s getting really passive agressive, ROFL

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