Support for DIVISI

I own a really useful app - DIVISIMATE - which allows one to play in chordal polyphonic stuff via keyboard but have the notes be sent to several different MONOPHONIC orchestral section tracks.

It would be really cool if SCALER supported DIVISI internally though.

To give an example of where this helps - I own the Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra library.
This sounds great - but all instruments are by and large designed to play just one note at a time like real orchestra sections. Many orch libraries supply “ensemble” type patches but BBC SO doesn’t.

So DIVISIMATE comes in really really handy. But would be great if a SCALER 3 - for example - supported DIVISI straight out of the box.

I am constantly looking for solutions for that myself. While Divisimate looks great it’s too expensive for me so I always am looking for ways to do that. Can you route Scaler into DIVISMATE and send it elsewhere?
I’ve got a couple chord splitter type devices but nothing elegant yet.

<. Can you route Scaler into DIVISMATE and send it elsewhere?>

I hope so. Will check out in new year


That is what the Divisimate loop back function is for. Follow the loop back tutorial provided by Nextmidi and set the loop back input channel to scaler.

I would think you would want the Scaler output , since it is chords, to go to DIVISIMATE and that output to go to various instruments. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are suggesting.

Hi @nonchai

this is something we will support going forward. Probably not a one-click “DIVISI” option due to the number of different settings in each instrument library. But something you should be able to configure directly in Scaler.

We plan to allow custom MIDI routing with the ability to limit the range of output for the different perform modes. A DIVISI mode would integrate pretty well in this, allowing any polyphonic output to be routed to multiple monophonic channels.

Thanks for the feedback,


Scaler track input is set to all. Scaler track output is set to scaler. Looopback input track is set to scaler and the output goes to loop back divisimate. All other settings are in the divisimate tutorial.

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Watched the tutorials again. Sure seems like a great tool. Too expensive for me on a semi-fixed income but i sure like the control it gives. Seems like it would get along with Scaler just fine.

It is possible to use Scaler 2.4 & divisimate 1.3 and it works very well with the loopback method. Follow the tutorial on youtube to set up the loopback for your DAW (I’m using Studio one 5). Set Scaler’s output to the Loopback instrument created as per the youtube tutorial. But the most important thing not explained anywhere else (in my case) is that, within Scaler’s options menu, under “Playback”, you MUST set the “perform mode” to “follow” and set it as default. Cheers.

Why? Retrigger causes it to not function or the results are incorrect?

In my case, with Studio one 5, VSL Synchron player, it is a total mess with retrigger. Audio stuttering (as if the chord was triggered 20 times per second) and also multiple hanging notes. I have to restart S1 to stop the annoying sound. I have no idea why. It works fine with follow.

Odd, that sounds exactly like a MIDI feedback loop.