Survived my upgrade(s) / latest project

Hello, fellow Scalerites…

I hate doing upgrades; I think it’s scar tissue from BITD when I updated video card drivers and bricked my PC by doing ridiculous stuff. But very glad that I updated Scaler to the current version, Studio One (major update, from v5 to v6), Carbon Electra and SynthMaster, all (apparently) without a hitch. Thank you to the folks at PB for making this easy. A few other VST distributors have more involved installation procedures. I shudder to think what I’d need to do to load a new machine.

Just posted up my latest slide show, Scaler is all over it - regular users will recognize where, I reckon. Love this tool. Thank you, Davide and Ed and all else in developing this platform.

If you can withstand 12 minutes of old English churches, cathedrals and castle ruins, I humbly offer the following:

[The Old Bits, Chapter 11: 2022 England Pt1 - YouTube](https://The Old Bits, Chapter 11)

For just one of the pieces (on Soundcloud), here:

[Stream Communion Pt1 / Communion Pt2 by TheBascombeFloralShirtCo | Listen online for free on SoundCloud](https://Communion Pt1/Communion Pt2)

Cheers to all, best wishes during the Season.

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