Swallowed notes with sustain pedal hold

Hey there,
did anyone else experiencing the issue, that scaler swallows notes when using the sustain? I made a quick video for that here: https://youtu.be/hccFqmvOQp4
As you can see, the sustain works fine when Scaler is OFF (in the second part of the video) but as soon as Scaler is ON, the sustain pedal holded makes Scaler swallowing notes (bindings and sync to daw are off).

Go to settings/preferences/sustain pedal and try consume or pass through. Does this help?

Thanks @davide , “pass-through” is working for that problem. What is the meaning of both preferences?

I believe it’s pretty much how it sounds - Consume does not pass through the sustain pedal and pass through… well passes the sustain pedal through to the world.