Switch bindings via keystroke or midi control

I switch between bindings a lot and find it a bit frustrating to have to click.

Any chance of adding some midi control for aspects of the plugin like this?

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Hi @soundtemple

yes, we plan on adding some midi controls in a future version, it is on the roadmap :slight_smile:


yes, we plan on adding some midi controls in a future version, it is on the roadmap

Thanks, Ed1.

This is one on top of my wish list , and I think for not few users as well. I have already post about MIDI control as the expected new features, but especially the remote access of MIDI bind buttons from my MIDI or guitar controller is almost indispensable for my workflow.

While it is fine on checking/create/edit chords task in front of PC, it is some cumbersome having to hold / click the mouse thousands of times to switch A, B, C binds while having both hands busy on a MIDI or guitar controller when you can do it with a single push of a button in your MIDI controller. Honestly, I can’t rate less than super welcome at least basic MIDI control automation for upcoming future features.

Update: surely the devs have already thought about it, an workaround could be to implement keyswitches in the front windows as in Chord Pads and Modulation sections. While the complex structure of MIDI control is developed.

The problem with this is that you can’t play the keyboard normally because 3 notes are unavailable (assigned to keyswitch) all the time. They might also be triggered by the MIDI coming from the DAW’s track.

So maybe we would need a control to switch it ON and OFF but we’re back into clicking on the UI all the time, which I agree is not practical while holding an instrument.

We will implement some sort of MIDI-Learn so users can define their own shortcuts for the functions they use. This will take a bit of time but definitely an area we want to improve.

Thanks for the feedback and support,


Yes, I totally agree and had that in mind when I dare to launch the suggestion, so the most logical thing to do is address MIDI control via DAW’s and host’s routines. Personally I have noticed the particular encoding challenges that often arise when trying to provide complex MIDI control to a plugin, although Scaler maybe shouldn’t need more than a few specific MIDI links as start while optimizing in more priority areas.

Thank you and much encouragement in the arduous task of keeping Scaler updated with exciting features and the fixings to make it flawless. I can hardly imagine riding through the tons of content on the wish list, plus what you already have in mind.


I remember there are controllers that can be activated by the mouth, the eyes or similar
they are used by people with handicaps

maybe they can be useful to leave your hand free to tickle the guitar fretboard, and I love you keep doing that :grinning:

and have you tried software like Dragon Naturally Speaking?
there are people able to even move the mouse and select buttons with their voice