Switch to next chord in progression builder via MIDI


I use Scaler mainly for practicing (playing along to chord progressions). One thing I’m missing is a way to switch to the next chord via my MIDI foot controller. What I’m looking for:

  1. Play the first chord in the progression (continuously)
  2. I hit a key on my foot controller
  3. Scaler plays the next chord (also continuously until I hit the key again)
  4. When I hit the end of the progression, Scaler should start again at the first chord

Is this possible with Scaler? What I figured out so far is how to map the different keys on my controller to the different chords in the progression, but I’d like to hit the same key to switch to the next chord (and not have to look at my controller to see which key to hit next).

Thank you!

I want the same as what you suggest. Is this now possible or have you found another solution?

You can use Key Switching and Midi Binding to mange this.

If you want the pattern to repeat simply switch on looping.

If you have more than on pattern that you want to play lasso the the patterns together

The second pattern will then follow the first.

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Thank you Ed66. I’m gonna try it tonight. Looking forward to it.