Switching between Chord/Scale

On Windows 10, Bitwig 3.2.1, Scaler 2 v.2.0.8, using my PC keyboard for input

Under Expressions if I switch between Chord/Scale using the green keys, I first enter Scales which is not a problem, but if I press the other green key to switch back to Chord, the program switches but my keyboard no longer responds to the “Bound/Binded” keys.

So before I switched from Chord I was in the Phrase / Affabile with Song Mode set to Gospel 3. Now I switch to Scale and then back to Chord but like I said, my computer keyboard is no longer binding to the correct keys. IF, I click on Song mode again and choose Gospel 3 the key binding works again.

Hope this made sense.

Hi @unity2k

thanks for reporting, we will have a look and get back to you.

Adding more info for problem above; while I can use the drop down to select the other Song and switch between them to correct the problem I described, I cannot use the arrows on left/right to jump forward and/or back to accomplish the fix.