Switching between chords

Hi there, I have mentioned this once before but not sure if I made it clear. is it possible to cycle through chords without actually playing them in full. So if the notes further up the keyboard are set to follow chord notes then you could just play those without playing the full chord, and switch between them using a keyswitch or similar? This would also be useful to me as I use Scaler to write bass lines some times. So just following the chords and the notes in them while the chords themselves are silent would be ideal. Instachord does this, but I’d prefer to use Scaler as in all other ways I love it thanks. Hopefully I’m just missing something and this is already possible?

Scaler does all of this.

You can bind chords to keys, mute chords, etc.

Version 2.2 will bring a lot more functionality.

Thanks I already use bind plenty, but could you explain how to cycle through chords without them sounding? And does that change the corresponding notes in the follow chord section. Guessing that’s what you mean by muting?

Thanks this looks helpful! :slight_smile: