Switching from Bitwig Studio to Ableton Live: why?

Hi folks

After having used Bitwig Studio for about one year, I can say that I prefer Ableton Live :upside_down_face: :grin: :smile:

This is due to many reasons:
1 - Bitwig Studio doesn’t see any of my 2 controllers, or manages them badly
2 - Its workflow is less intuitive, or just less compatible with me
3 - Even if I can use MMO with Bitwig Studio, I found I don’t need it because I am not a composer
3 - Ableton Live only has an amazing feature called Scales that is invaluable for solos
4 - Bitwig Studio doesn’t recognize many Izotope’s tools that I consider very useful
5 - Bitwig Studio doesn’t recognize the Toontrack Audio Sender that I consider very useful
6 - Last but not least, I suspect that Ableton Live crashes were due to the only 32bit plugin I used, i.e. Broomstick Bass and/or the iBridge used to transform it in a virtual 64bit plugin

This is why I switched to Ableton Live Intro discounted, and because I don’t need any of their instruments/tools I’ll be stuck on this release paid just a few euro

The problem was clearly how to convert the Bitwig Studio projects to Ableton Live ones, something impossible/hard to do, so I used a workflow that I am sure many will consider unbearable: I exported the audio of the few songs I still liked, then I deleted all Bitwig Studio projects :upside_down_face:

After all I am a jammer, so I have zero interest about what I did in the past, and my only goal is to jam more and better

And, I have a backup of MP3 on SoundCloud, while the processes I used to produce many songs are stored in this forum

The only way you can judge wether your jam is better, is by refering to your past perfomances. To be true to your self you must never record anything and forget everything you’ve ever played! :grin:

I stuck with Live. Too invested in Max For Live.

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Sure, and actually I only register here and there to do my mini-tutorials and to remember the workflow used

It’s the same for photography: I shoot JPGs and I don’t want to waste my time trying to improve my shoots, let’s say ten years after, when an AI editing soft jumps out; my shoots serve as a reminder of what I’ve seen, and in case of flowers or animals, it serves to remind where and when I saw them, in case I come back in the same area


I think Bitwig is great. I switched from Live around 3 years ago, after waiting ages for Ableton to fix stability issues. I dabbled with Live again recently, when I briefly tried the Push 3, but that was a “let down”.

I’m not sure about the list of issues the OP posted, but those might be solved by asking the Bitwig community for help. There’s a great unofficial Bitwig Discord where Bitwig users are constantly donating their time to help other Bitwig users. I’d also recommend the Polarity YouTube channel and the Bitwig extension by Moßgraber.



maybe, but I am not a pro, so I don’t like wasting time to ask or debug
any software, for my job or my hobbies, must work out of the box
I strongly dislike chatting (so Discord is not an option)
and I don’t like videos (you know, the old guard, books only :grin:)

About the stability, my crashes were only due to some old plugins
Now is perfectly stable for what I do

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