Sync and tuned without automatic chord signal emission

After having found this workflow, I realized an option is lacking that could help in better controlling my process

It’s difficult to explain but I’ll try :cold_face:

I have a series of chords in 8x8 places and I assigned a different pattern to each
I want that Scaler remains in tune and in sync with the other instances to drive my synth (or another suitable plugin), but I also want that the MIDI signal is emitted (so my synth plays that pattern) only when I click on a chord, not automatically a chord after the other has happens now, so I can have more creative control on my workflow

Maybe it’s possible currently with some workaround?
Otherwise can I hope the feature will be added?

I answered but changed my mind. You know what you want so who am I to say anything. You’ll figure it out. Keep on jammin’