Sync Expressions to DAW

How do I sync the expressions with the project tempo? If I drag the MIDI capture into my DAW, the tempo mostly differs. And in Scaler there is no information about the origin tempo of the performances and phrases, so I can’t adjust it manually.

Midi capture records what you are hearing so everything will be in sync with your daw No need to adjust manually

Same problem over here. I haven’t been able to make a simple arp synced with my DAW, even with the play quantize box checked. It’s totally off everytime on 2.0.4 :frowning:

Play quantise should be off, that is only intended for when you are playing and you want Scaler to position your notes on the step. If you are having problems could you please be more specific and send a video to ensure we aren’t missing something?

Hey davide ! Thanks for your answer.

Here is a little video of the problem:

I’m playing few binds keys and it’s completely off the grid as you can see. May I missed something ?

Thanks :wink:

Turn play quantise off. That should only be on when you are trying to play in time. In saying that I tested play quantise and it is not behaving as it should. Has gone wrong between v2 and current 2.0.4. Will report internally.
When I midi capture anything and drag to DAW (as per your setup) it is bang on. Turn quantise off and try playing a bar of an arp or an expression and drag and drop. Should be on the money.

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Hi :wink:

I just tried the 2.0.6 but I’m still not able to play in real time synced to the DAW when play quantize box is checked.

MIDI capture is fine but that’s not my point here.

Thanks !

Play quantise is just for playing live and having Scaler ensure your ‘played’ notes hit on the beat. It has nothing to do with DAW sync. Is that clearer? If you give me a clearer idea of what you re doing and what you are trying to achieve then maybe I can hep better?