Sync Issue When Recording

After I drag the chords from Scaler 2 into FL Studio, when I start recording another Pattern using a different instrument the timing is off. I’m unable to play a melody on top of the chords on the 1 because there is some type of delay after the count down to begin recording

Do you have quantize turned on under preferences? I don’t use it but you might try that. What is you buffer setting in FL? I assume you’re on Windows but you don’t say. Are you using Scaler 2.7?

I’m on Windows 10, using Scaler 2.7. I already tried adjusting the buffer settings in FL Studio, but that didn’t resolve the issue.

How are you triggering the chords? DAW sync or MIDI trigger? Is this your first time with Scaler?

This is not my first time with Scaler. I’ve used this plugin and never encountered this problem. The chords are being triggered via DAW sync.