Sync only selected instances

I would like it if you could choose which of the opened instances of Scaler you’ll synchronise. If you now make a change and synchronise it, the parameters are transferred to all opened instances. That does not make sense in every case.

Before I used a lot of synchronization. Now what I do is duplicate the track containing Scaler as many times as necessary and adapt the parameters individually in each instance.
And generally I send the output of each Scaler to another instrument. So the sugestion on that 41fingers proposes in this video would be good, since it would directly free memory and CPU load on computers that do not have too many of them:
Scaler 3 0 What do you want in 3.0? - YouTube


Definitely, some good ideas from 41 Fingers. Optional load/unload of instruments wouldol be great. Anyways, i always use the same one or two when doing a mock-up, or already use my other VSTs from the beginning . The idea i liked a lot was to close setup pane when clicking elsewhere. Even though I use Scaler a lot, every time i am in Settings i expect it to do so and it takes me some time to realize that the pane is still there :grin:

Also, long before (August 2021) Bernd suggested something very similar:

Like the instance selection for synching.

Miki, if you are talking about the Settings pane, love to keep it as is or maybe fly it outside the UI and not block things. I use Scaler with the Settings pane open all the time. It is especially helpful when exploring different playback settings in real time and I want to see what is set to what (for example which Quantize setting I’m hearing). If the main UI morphs towards showing more detail in the settings, no need, but as it stands, would love to keep it open.

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