Sync scalers without syncing the chord voicings

I am using two Scaler VSTs (A and B) in Ableton. One is for chords and one is for bass. I setup my chords on VST A, copy the track (making VST B) and then adjust the performance settings and chord voicings to make a bassline.

If I then want to use the pads to switch between progressions simultaneously on both VSTs, I can do so by using the Sync feature. When I use the sync feature to copy the settings from Scaler VST A to VST B, I keep the “Articulation, Keys-Lock, Voicing-Grouping, Humanize” box unchecked, and the Selected Scale, Progression Builder (Section C) boxes checked. But, if on Scaler B I have set different chord voicings (i.e. octave, inversion, semitone) to those on Scaler A, once I sync them, I lose the chord voicings.

Is that expected? I want to sync only the scale, chords and progression- not the voicings and performance settings.

Just ran into that same thing myself.