Sync with multiple of patterns

Chord sequence can be longer than single pattern. When using Sync in the multi pattern case, the patterns are copied correctly. But the selection is ignored and only first pattern will be active in the target invocations. At least as option it can be nice to have a opportunity to sync the patterns and also their selection.

Welcome @Jaan Not sure I am understanding correctly but you can multi select patterns and Scaler will play through one at a time (in free mode or DAW sync mode) or you can keyswtich and record those keys to switch in any order you want. hope that makes sense.

Yes, you will need to go in and select all the patterns in the other scaler to correspond to the sync master. At least I think that is what you are asking.

My idea was, that at least optionally, it would be possible to Sync automatically multi selection state. In some of my setups multiple Scalers live deep inside the modules (MetaPlugins, to be specific) and I need to open all of them to invoke harmonic changes.

PS I do not use key switching but concatenated patterns (for sequences that are longer than 8 chords).