synchron scaler and volume

hello, I’ve been working with scaler 2 for several days now, fantastic product do have 2 questions 1: when I start my project, can I start scaler synchronously while trying out melodies in scaler? 2: Can I adjust the volume of scaler according to my project, it is always so quiet thanks

Hi and welcome @pascal
Not sure I am totally clear on your questions but yes Scaler can work in DAW sync:

And I’m not sure what exactly you mean by volume? Can you elaborate?

hallo, what i mean with the volume is , is there a knob on scaler somewhere?

No volume control, there may be more flexibility there in future for standalone.

okay thanks for the explanation, I have the trial version now but looking forward to buying :grinning:

Hellow EveryBody: I am Sacler Owner from the very begining of this awesome plugin. My question is very simple:

I Can’t Find in Preferences where to fix the Volume at the level I want to work while I search chords. I mean, it is too loud to me. This should be in preference but I do not find it.

If this is not available, please consider it to include it in your next Scaler update


Hallo @pascal and welcome !
I don’t have that particular volume problem with Scaler, but I have found when certain plugins don’t put out enough volume in comparison to other sound sources, I just add a compressor and configure the in/out accordingly. Assuming you run Scaler in a DAW, you likely have a compressor feature there somewhere.

Hi @AngelCabreraMusic , and welcome!
I assume you must be running Scaler in a DAW, so can’t you adjust the track volume of the track the Scaler plugin is in? I always have one of my hands close to the track fader (on my MIDI controller) when I experiment with new plugins :slight_smile:

Hello Bernd. By your answer can I assume Scaler 2.3.1 still has not the chance –from preferences– to adjust the overall volume we have from Scaler Interface?

– I do run it in Logic X Pro.

I think this can be an easy change to the next Scaler update, please have it as a sugerence


Hi @AngelCabreraMusic - just wanted to clarify that I don’t represent the Scaler product/team, I am just a fellow Scaler user and help answer questions to the best of my knowledge based on my personal experience with Scaler (and I have spent a lot of time with Scaler since version 1.x)

I am sure the Scaler product team is looking at your feature request and might put it into their backlog for future consideration. I was just saying as an interrim solution to your problem (Scaler volume being too loud for you), you could use the DAW channel volume control to adjust the volume of the Scaler sounds.

I also wanted to point out that the sounds in Scaler are mostly provided for convenience, but that isn’t the main purpose of Scaler, to produce interesting sounds. Its key focus is the MIDI/notes/chord progressions it provides. So I think most people route the MIDI/notes from Scaler to a sound-focused plugin of their choice, which likely has their own volume controls - I am just pointing this out, in case you wonder why few before have seen Scaler volume as an issue.

At any rate, I hope you consider using the track volume control, which Logic X Pro probably has as a DAW (I am not a Logic user), to address your immediate need for volume adjustment. As a friend-in-music my intention is to help you tactically with workarounds, which so often are part of the experimentation & improvisation in electronic music :slight_smile:


Hi @Bernd – Is good you clarify, I own Scaler Plugin from the very begining but I discover this forum 2 days ago and checking around I saw you help a lot in many places. I do valorate and appreciate a lot someone not from Scaler Crew do so much to help others take the best from this great plugin.

Will take your recommendation:

BlockquoteI am sure the Scaler product team is looking at your feature request and might put it into their backlog for future consideration.

I do control de volume from the same Mac, but I am sure is not the best way. I use Scaler a lot from the MIDI controler. And so, that’s why I have an annoyning feeling (loud vol)when from the same channel of every instrument I listen how the chords work when I search options.

It was a great pleasure to share with you, and thank so much