Synthesizer V Studio is OK for me?

Hi pals

I always struggled to find a vocal synth that produces a nice output, because even if I have a decent voice, I don’t have an insulated room/box, and I cannot bother my wife who works close to me, not mentioning my neighborhood :crazy_face: :rofl:

Now it seems I found that plugin, it’s called Synthesizer V by Dreamtonics, and I created just now a simple phrase with a very low effort

Quite oddly, the free voice bank Ritchy, sounds quite close to my own voice, jus a bit more “smokey” :astonished:

The price is fair, so I am tempted, but in the past I was sometimes fooled by demos, and found later that the regular version didn’t work in my weak PC, and I was unable to resell the license or have a refund, so I am asking to the people that have this plugin if the paid version is reliable and light of resources like the demo

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i highly recommend it :slight_smile: however, the basic version and the free voice banks aren’t nearly as fun to play with as the pro versions. Ritchy is cool because, hey, rap. Saros is cool, because, Spanish. Kevin and Natalie are bread and butter. but then you have Asterian (low baritone + much more), Solaria, Sheena, Ninezero, Jun, and i’m likely forgetting one or two more English language. the new Synth V 1.11 supports Spanish, also voice-to-note conversion (take your vocal track and turn it into the voice bank of your choice – of course if you take time to pitch fix the vocal before converting it, things will be better… :slight_smile: )
i’m in the process of converting some older (and some newer) material using Synth V (re-writing it, not singing it…) as the means of getting better vocals.

another cool thing is overlaying the Synth V vocals with AI rendering - which let’s you apply much more realistic vocals on top.

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How does it compare in Yamaha’s Vocaloid 6?

cool, your songs are cool!
I love them

I read that it’s easier to use for beginners, and I think to remember I was unable to do anything with the Vocaloid demo, while I created a simple phrase in a few clicks with Synth V

Well, considering that Ritchy is almost identical to my voice I can skip this step, and it is cozy

About Asterian it is tempting because maybe I can use it for Zappa-style songs I have in my mind

Anyway, Fossile, can you confirm that the Pro version is light of RAM requirements like the Basic version?

i know a number of folks in the Synth V camp discuss it and generally talk to how “human-like” SV is compared to vocaloid – but as i’m not a user of the latest version (6), i cannot compare except that i really like SV better than the older vocaloid versions. i think the overall intuitiveness and flexibility of parameter curve options and the general quality of the voice databases (to me) seems higher.
given most of the voice synths generally use standardized phonome and somewhat similar editing approach, it probably makes sense to have Synth V, Vocaloid 6, and UTAU etc simply to have access to the voices.

then consider leveraging the newer AI voice products (audimee, murf etc) to add the final bits that the generators don’t have (growls, screaming (if you’re into that :slight_smile: ) and other timbre that makes the voice even more real. as a note, most of the AI voice ones i’ve played with aren’t as good as Synth V for originating the vocal performance, but they definitely add that something to take it to the next level of realism.

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the full version of sythnv is amazing i been using for it for 1 year now, and the paid voicebanks are 250% worth it, id say it says around 100 hours to fiddle with articulations and you can write sequences and adjust tonality with ease once you get some experience.

i listened to some of my samples from the trial versions and i couldnt believe how bad they sound compared to full sound banks, and sythnv is so experimental and can import midi and export midi and wavs, hope you have a good day :slight_smile:

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so, empty - about 200mb, when i loaded one of the larger projects (6 voices and 3 minutes long) i see it jump to about 2.1gb while generating, then once it’s all stable, about 750mb. which when i do edits, then shifts upwards to 1.2gb for the processing.

so i’d probably plan on 2gb needed for working. as a note: i generate the vocals in the standalone app. i export a non-vocal 2-track WAV of the instrumentation, which i import into the project and then work against that rather than loading it into the DAW (which in the pro version supports ARA2 – but not all DAWs do…)

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Well, after having tried to re-made a song of mine, I realized that it may be possible to create a song from scratch without going crazy, but re-making a piece sung already in the standard way is very hard

because I must have already, or create first, the part for the lyrics in the MIDI format, but this part must be simple notes, without embellishments, chords or articulations, so e.g. a MIDi of a piano loop is not good at all

having this part available instead, I can select the notes and then import the text from a txt file

the program seems then capable of splitting and inserting the text into the notes, but a little or a big editing (I hate editing, you know? :rofl:) is needed depending on how well or bad I created the rhymes

The moral of the story is that I don’t want to complicate my life this way :cold_face:

I think I’ll rather use the vocal trick of metal and hard rock vocalists, who don’t scream like grizzly bears after a hunter peppered their behind with lead shot, like they seem experimenting :joy:

From what I’ve read, they (vocalists, not bears) sing with a very low voice, and adequate mixing tricks and effects will let their voices breaking the eardrums of their fans

So, using perhaps a simple blanket as a mini-boot, I should be able to sing in the night with my Sennheiser ME 2 headset mic without disturbing my wife and neighborhood, and then I’ll just have to remove the muddiness and other defects of that kind using my Izotope Nectar and other tricks

Its way better then vocaloid 6 imo

Synth V’s voice to midi function will get your vocals in, turn then to something you can work on and let you output a voice worth listening to. I’ve used it on my voice (not good) and ai tracks with the voice separated (needs work but the phonetic translations are often ammusing enough to make it worthwhile). Just get as clean a vocal as possible once it’s been MIDI’d the noise (comes up as dodgy notes) can be removed.

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I have been using Synth V Pro with multiple add-on voice banks for a few months now and the output is much more realistic than Vocaloid. It still takes some work but the interface is good and the natural sounding variety is excellent. I will try and share some of my work soon.