Tap function for humanize/personalize the rhythm

Hi, Scaler is great but the rhythms are too automated, to humanize it I like to see a tap button and a built in metronome so that you tap in a rhythm with a midikeyboard/controller or pc keyboard and when you put down the chords the midi follows the rhythm I tapped in.
It would make the timing exactly like I want it to be, exactly on the beat or just before/after the beat, it becomes more human, groovier, funkier.
It would be the same like I played in some notes/chords on my midikeyboard.
It would be very handy because I can play the standard major chords myself in any kind of rhythm I like but I’m not that good to play in some sophisticated 7th, 9th or 11th chords.
And give us the choice for 1, 2 or 4 bars to tap in a rhythm.
That would be an awesome update!


Do you mean the rhythms built into the performance section? Or just the way in which the chords are played?

Like the way in which the chords are played but if it’s possible to built in the velocity also that would be the perfect solution, the harder or softer I tap the harder or softer my chord will be.
It’s a bit hard to explain maybe on paper but I’ll give it a try: like on a guitar I play the rhythm with the right hand, sometimes I play ta-taaa-ta-ta-taa-ta in two bars and another time I play taaa-ta-ta-taaa.
The duration, place and velocity of the chords is different, that makes it human.
The tap button would function like a recorder that exactly measures the moment, duration/length and velocity and puts the chords at the place where I want them to be on the timeline with exactly the same lenght and velocity .
If I tap longer the chord will be longer or if I tap shorter the chord is shorter, for instance my chords are two times a 1/16, one 1/8 and one 1/4 in a bar or just two 1/2 chords
It would be the same as I play the chords on my keyboard on the pianoroll in my daw.
And if I could choose for 1, 2 or 4 bars that would be great.
Then I don’t have to edit all my midinotes after dragging them in my daw.
I hope you got the picture? :smiley:

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Oh, I’m wrong, I just discovered there’s already a possibility!
Just push capture midi on and the chords I’ve chosen can be played with my midi keyboard by pressing a single note.
I use Scaler just for a few days so till now I didn’t know about this option!
Problem solved.

Yep, was just coming to try and explain that. I would suggest you watch all the videos here. It’s really helpful even after watching them twice myself I forgot how to do things.

I think that link will share the playlist and not just the 1st video. If not, just follow the links to the School of Synthesis channel and you’ll find them all.

And for more minor tweaks I think it’s easier to capture what you’re doing, drop it into your DAW and then cut and paste it up within the DAW. Just my method.

@RBIngraham; thanks for being helpfull!
I did see the video once but it takes a while to know the software in and out, thanks anyway.

Yep, you’re right but with the possibility to play more difficult chords with just one key it’s easier to keep the timing right you know so it’s a good solution for me anyway.
And yes, after recording it’s always possible to do some minor tweaks in the daw if necessary.
The best thing is that I’m able to use more jazzy chords into my compositions.