Tensions notes/avoid notes

hey guys
maybe i missed it
but incase it doesn’t exist here is my suggestion

every time you choose a scale and you want to see the:
Traids,7th,9th ,11th,13th chords it gives you all these tension (and thats awesome)
But ! it would be even more cool if there was another option called tensions with no avoid notes
for example:
C major scale
Cmaj7 (9/13) (11 is the avoid note and it will not appear in this chords when I choose the Tensions with no avoid note)
Dm7 (9/11) (13 is the avoid note)
Em7 (11) (9,13 are the avoid notes)

and so on

again maybe I missed this option hiding in plain site
let me know incase i did, it could be useful for me


Hi @valumusicstudios

Welcome to the forum. I’ve just had a quick look around Scaler, and I can’t see this as an obvious option, where you simply pick the chord from a list of suggested variations.

However, you can create this chord yourself by navigating to the CHORD page by clicking on the CHORD button

or right-click on the chord and select EDIT CHORD from the context menu.

You can then remove the “offending note - e.g. the11th” by clicking on the note on the keyboard.

Although not very convenient if you have a lot of chords that you want to amend, it is a work-around until these chords are added, which I think would be a good enhancement.

There are a number of tutorials on the CHORD page:

Apologies for teaching you to suck eggs if you are already familiar with the CHORDS page.

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thank you
i know this options, very useful as well :smiley: