Text Label for midi should have the chord/notes when dragged into DAW

Text Label for midi should have the chord/notes when dragged into DAW


Yeah good suggestion but not so straightforward in terms of how OS natively handles these ops. In discussion here internally.

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    Midi does have a field for text notes, and this would help workflow if you could glance at a midi clip in your daw and remind yourself where you are in terms of chords

+1, I always write the chords in the midi clip. would be nice if this happens automatically :slight_smile:


Any updates as to whether this is being worked on ?

If you cannot achieve populating the text field with the specific chord progression or notes when dragging in midi patterns into a daw track, could you make it possible to copy/paste the text somehow, put the selected chord pattern or notes text information into the clipboard - eg allow a “copy text label” option when right clicking on a chord or group of chords.

Thanks !

We are talking about a variety of options here. We can do anything but naming a specific chord we find could be problematic given there is so much transposing within DAWS. Also what happens when you are dragging a midi capture with multiple chords? Maybe a first four chords / first chord naming convention otherwise a universal name?

Anything beats having to type them in. I understand that doing groups of chords, or trying to accomodate changing those labels if someone transposes after they drag it in to their daw.

could you make it possible to copy/paste the text somehow…

put the selected chord pattern or notes text information into the clipboard - eg allow a “copy text label” option when right clicking on a chord.

This would be an improvement over having to examine each one in scaler and type it in to my daw.
As far as an entire progression goes, I undertstand that this would be difficult if not impossible.

Is the information in a text file upon export ? I have not checked, but maybe that will be my answer for now :slight_smile:

Thanks Davide !

If I understand this, it is about having access to a chord chart in a format which could be exchanged between different applications rather than exchanging the midi file. May be the holy grail for music apps but hope you guys are thinking about it. Part of this was solved between BIAB Chord charts and Reaper by using a Reaper script with a text file output by BIAB. Or some application of xml which contains MIDI and Chords designations combined. You guys do seem to be pretty smart in this area!

Otherwise, loving the new features of Beta6.

when you drag in a midi pattern (chord) from scaler into a daw, the midi pattern in the daw has a text label of chord.mid or progression.mid - I am looking to have the text label to instead display the chord name.

If I could extract the chord names from a text file - like the xml export and copy and paste the text labels, this is better than having to type them into my daw. But ideally, since the information is clearly there in scaler, it displays the chord name on the screen, I just want that text to be copyable and pasteable, hence my suggestion of being able to right click on a chord in scaler and copy the chord text to clipboard, then I could paste it into by daw for the label property of the pattern


Got ya, that sounds sweet to my ears, but I may be wanting a little more… see if you can view this? https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Public/Scaler%20Chrods%20in%20Reaper.JPG?role=personal

Could not access the link Dan, can you repost ?
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Best wishes and stay safe !

Dropbox has been a problem for a while, lets try Google Drive

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Sorry for the late reply. I like this !

Reaper allows you to drop a .gif into a blank track. Other than that, a pretty manual process of snipping a picture of the chord sequence from Scaler and dropping into Reaper. I am hearing the developers say “…no way for us to do something like that!” :grin:

I think we need to devote some more time to achieving a better solution here. It seems that there are three ways we could improve:
Export a progressions results in a sequence of chords text applied to export file
Single chords results in the single chord text
Option to copy individual names to clipboard and apply to midi file
This is going to be more of a 2.x update I feel. We will get there though.


Thanks Davide !

I appreciate consideration of this request.

I do a fair amount of remote music collaboration with others and I add text information tracks for song structure and chord/notes in my daw projects. Any typing which you can save me from having to do manually is greatly appreciated !

Reaper can display the chord type on items using midi text.

Reaper with script “ReaTrak add regions or markers from midi text selected items.lua” can take information about the chord from midi text and transfer them to regions.

Amazing work Dan. Thank you so much !

Scaler 2 allows you to copy the chords to clipboard, drag and drop and then paste names of chords…

thank you so much Davide, works great