Thank you Scaler, Bucket List item checked off finally!

I recently got back into to creating music again after a very long hiatus. There has alway been one thing on my bucket list to complete, an orchestral type piece. Having no formal training and a play by ear type, this was a goal I never thought would be achieved to any degree. Thank you to Davide and the entire team for creating this program. I had v1 but never got to use it, a fleeting attempt to force myself to carve out the time. With V2.8x and the video course it has all come together since March/April of this year.

This work I present to you as both a personal accomplishment (if you want it bad enough), and a testimony to what can be achieved with Scaler. 99% of this piece was created in Scaler. I started the project in June and the entire chord progression took all 7 pad slots. Using the extensive chord features I was able to create a unique progression that evolved nicely and flowed the way I wanted. Each track in Logic X had its own instance of Scaler with its specific and evolving performance set and instrument. There were some minor tweaks with some notes and timing adjustments but very very few. The lead melody is the only thing not created by Scaler, it was one of the last pieces I created myself and put into place.

The Scaler 2 Official Course 2023 provided an abundance of information and tips that helped me make this piece possible. If you don’t have the course, do yourself a favor and get it. It blows the doors wide open on what you are able to do.

A side note. This piece did sit for a bit (9 weeks) because I was frustrated with getting the mix right. Translations of the different mixes and trips with the laptop to the car to check them became a discouraging road block. If you’re facing the same frustrations, I encourage you to check out Steven Slate’s VSX system. It has been a game changer. Since getting VSX in mid-August I can now hear everything crystal clear. The piece and mix has since evolved nicely and is finally complete. Although not a masterpiece, it is finally ready for your enjoyment and critique.

Have a great day!

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Nice job @EscapeVelocity and welcome to the forum. Glad you got back into writing music, hopefully it’s the first of many more hours and days spent being creative! Giving Scaler some love and patience usually rewards me greatly and yes the course can help understand Scaler a bit better.

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I heard your song. beautiful!

Thank you for the compliment and encouragement. It feels good to be back at it. There’s a deep sense of accomplishment I receive being able to listen to something I created from nothing. Scaler has helped reignite the juices and flow of getting back on the bicycle so to speak. Looking forward to see what you have in store for all of us next.

Thank you very much for letting me know. It pushes me to do it again only better. I learned a lot from this project. I also have a new found respect for anyone who can compose any kind of orchestral type arrangement.