ThanKs for the MonKey, MiKi XD

Hi folKs

ThanKs to @Miki today I broKe the ice with KK

And, the EleKtriK Sunburst is a Kreat Kuitar indeed
way better than my loved Strum-GS 2

The problem now, is that I must learn to play it liKe my idol Steve Howe :cold_face:

And, I also have to fix the issue of too much K in my writing :rofl:

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Extremely versatile guitar with great sound. When you get Known to liKe her, you’ll be able to “update” her to Deluxe version for about 50-60 bucKs or less.
You can even try combining the “strum” instrument with Melody in the same KontaKt. Set both to Omni or to the same output.
And this guitar worKs so fine with SKaler, sorry Scaler.

I am glad you did it, my friend.

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I’m using that in a piece right now. Brilliant guitar instrument.
I hope you use it longer than a day before you give up on it. It’s worth having.
Here’s a trick for you since you have Bitwig. If you use a Note Filter to stay in the instrument range but want to use the key switches I do this - I make a second empty instrument track just for the key switches. On the electric guitar track I place a Bitwig Note Receiver plug-in just before the Kontakt and set the source to the empty instrument track. That way it by passes the note filter and you can put you key switch notes on that track. I’ll do a screen shot when I get back home.


I’ll use it forever!
The sound is amazing, and very easy to use with Scaler

But, I’ll keep Strum-GS 2 for some time because it seems having something that lacks in Sunburst, that is the option to play it by hands

Or maybe I’ll use one plugin to drive the other: the mélange is a lot of fun

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I told you! I was sure you would like it.

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And I suspect it can be used for other plugins I have… :thinking:

Yes it should be possible depending on location. I’ll do a layout.

The NI Monkey hit again :grin:
I grabbed the Martin guitar :heart_eyes:

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Here is how I have the key switch track set up. The Key switch track uses Note Receiver to bring the key switch notes after the other MIDI filters. Key switches are on C1 - B1 Notes

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What exactly do you mean: play by hands? Just “as is”?

In Deluxe, I have “Open” option, but you probably have it, too. This is, WYPIWYH i.e. “what you play is what you hear” (audio equivalent for WYSIWYG that I just invented, hahaha).

As @Miki says you can use the one labeled melody to play manually. Load one to play patterns with Scaler chords and the other to “play by hands”.

Sorry, just found that you cannot play single notes (if this is what you meant) with Electric Sunburst NOT Deluxe. I recommend to update soon to Deluxe version. It is well worth a couple of dozens $.

I mean that I can have Scaler feeding chords in the Strum-GS 2 relevant area, and I can use my left or right hand to play strums or arpeggios live: does NI have the same option?

I did it a few minutes after having got that the plugin was a :bomb:

OK; I’ll try that, but in Strum-GS 2 is a bit different, as I can have Scaler feeding chords, and I can use my hand to play strums, arpeggios, muted notes, etc.

AFAIK, as I don`t find “Open” style in No-Deluxe, you cannot do it with it, but with Deluxe, you drag one instance of ES “Melody” instrument into the rack on one channel and one instance of ES “Chord” on a different channel. Then use two tracks, one with scaler with channel as ES “Chord” and you play on the second one with channel as “Melody” instance.

Setting in Kontakt:

Setting in Reaper (very easy). Cannot tell how to do the same in Ableton:
You should redirect your tracks to the one with Kontakt.


Try to update to Deluxe version. Worth every penny you pay and should not be very expensive. Go to your NI profile and check if they already offer you. Even if not, when you find EX Deluxe and put it to the basket (maybe even before), they should show you the upgrade price that should be 49$.

I did it already, as I said before… :grin:
And I also added the Martin

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OK, so, you have all you need, especially with my images.
I am sure that you have already used the redirection in Bitwig (yeah, I wrongly wrote Ableton) so this should be easy for you.

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I did without Scaler.