The "Browser View Section" is not visible in my UI for Scaler 2

I have loaded and successfully opened Scaler 2 but am not seeing the “Browser” section of the UI. I am not seeing any clickable or expandable parts of the UI that allow me to see the “Browser” section. Has anyone else run into this issue? Thanks in advance for any help with this bothersome issue.

Have you clicked ‘Scales’ first? You need to either detect some notes, select ‘SCALES’ or ‘ARTISTS’ or ‘SONGS’ or 'USERS’

Thanks for the hint but the entire section below the “keyboard” is not visible so I can’t select any of the Detect, Scales, Songs, Artists, User, All Notes or All Types buttons. The Line with Scales, Style and Mode are the first things visible beneath the “keyboard”. My guess is something “collapsed” the section and I have been unsuccessful at finding a way to restore the missing section. Thanks for your input and thanks in advance for any more advice your can offer.

Hi @lazloduke

Which DAW do you use? Also, could you send a screenshot of the broken interface ?