The chord wizard of EZkeys 2

Hi pals

I just tested it and I found amazing the tool to select chords in EZkeys 2 and putting them in a series :heart_eyes:

in no time I made a funky song starting from EZkeys 2, then moving the midi to EZbass and to EZdrummer

I hope that the new version of Scaler will add a similar feature :wink:


EZkeys 2 can make Scaler obsolete. It´s beautifully designed and the chord suggestion tool is amazing. All the tools like changing just the rhythmic structure of given chords is absolutely stunning. Last not least the sound of the grand is brilliant. Hard competition, scaler folks.

It costs $179. Scaler 2 costs $49. Personally I don’t want to spend that much money right now as I already have Scaler and it works great. If EZ Keys 2 had a trial I might consider it but that is a lot of cash.


I don’t know EZkeys. Does it have support for Neo-Riemannian modulations ?

Yeah, it’s expensive. And it might not fit to anyone’s workflow. But I have EZkeys since years and it is a nice extension to Scaler. However I like both very much but both have different ways to come to a nice song. That’s what we all want - a nice composition.


Congrats to Toontrack I was eager to get EZ Keys 2 and they’ve done a great job, will be using it in my workflow as I have EZ Keys 1. Scaler has a ways to go to mature it to the level we would like it to be at but rest assured there’s some exciting developments in the pipeline.


ezkey2 must be great, built up over the years.

But SCALER is probably the best music software for learning chords.

SCALER makes it easy to experiment and edit chords. The price is not expensive, easy to use.

A lot of people who play on their own wouldn’t choose EZKEY2, but you definitely need SCALER.

Of course, I don’t choose. I have to use both.

Like many others, I have both.
They are very different beasts and I would rather not be without either.

Scaler is so good at so many things I really can’t see it becoming redundant.
Long live Scaler.

Keep up the good work Davide. Your commitment and enthusiasm is one of the things that sets Scaler appart from other tools.

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Yes, having redundant options is always better

That said, not being a musician (unable to read/compose music and/or play manually anything) I need to find a balance between totally automatic, e.g. using EZkeys 2 > EZBass > EZDrummers, compared to semi-manual, e.g. Scaler > everything

The first way is too much close to listening an MP3 with the drawback that e.g. this tune is way better for my ears :grin:

The second way is too much difficult for me, so something in the middle is my target


EZkeys 2 suggested chords feature is great.
You can choose the type of music.
EZKEY2 is also a great tool for learning music.

Well, I have never used EZsomething (keys, bass, drums…) so I cannot tell a word about its quality which seems, according to the comments, excellent. The reason why I event don’t think about it is quite simple: except for iZotope suits, composed by several modules, I never pay more than 100$ for any of my other VSTs. Accordingly, $179 is too much. I admit that their piano is probably great, but if someone needs a chord progressions tool with good prototyping sounds that can be also used as final ones, it is not necessary to pay a three digit price.
This being said, Scaler is great tool. Not perfect, but once one accustomed to it, Scaler is very powerful. And the team is great and very helpful. Not to forget this fantastic community. It is still in development and the improvements come with every version. A lot of reasons to stay with it. :slight_smile:

How does it work with Scaler? Can you drop chords from Scaler into EZKeys2? Can you drag and Drop MIDI from EZKeys?

Stream Harhaluuloja by Kimmo Kolehmainen | Listen online for free on SoundCloud Will it give me more than Scaler?

In my test, I didn’t use Scaler at all because the wizard lets you select the chords it offers while listening

Scaler can do more or less the same, but the other way is faster

And when you have your series of chords, with intro, verses etc. just D&D in EZBass and EZdrummer, and the set for jamming is ready

From what I can see you can’t directly edit your chord? Is that correct? I’m not sure I’d like that. I think one thing I would miss is Scaler Dynamics where the chords lead smoothly into each other. I do see you can bring your own MIDI clips in so that looks like exactly what we want Scaler to do in Expressions.

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I do not know EZKeys 2’s capabilities. But your invest into the tool is only the beginning. They charge you for their midi song patterns another arm and a leg. Whereas Scaler gets new songs and performances with almost every cost-free update.
I can see that a lot of people like what EZkeys does for them. With it they can create decent sounding music from the get-go. But I also see how Scaler helped me to become a better musician.

These tools have totally different philosophies. Toontrack want you to be dependent on their offering while Scaler makes you more and more self-sufficient as a musician.


yes, but you have several MIDIs included with each instrument, and you can always use EZKeys sounds with Scaler patterns, so it’s not really close

I know that the Toontrack devs like you buy their MIDIs, but all the tools are now (almost) perfectly integrated, so that building a cool rhythmical base is fast and good for a jammer like me

I don’t consider myself a musician (someone who plays a musical instrument, especially very well or as a job), so Scaler doesn’t make me a better musician, nor any other musical tool I have


I think I can, but I don’t use it, generally, because it’s a further complication
and I hate complications :grin:

I did that sometimes with the version 1, so I think I can do it with the 2
but as I said, I am an amateur and a jammer: totally another story compared to musicians or professionals

Anyway, I’ll keep using Scaler for sure, as I did so far :grinning:

If you make a chord progression in EZKEY2.
So, can EZBASS automatically generate BASS?
I still need to drag EZKEY’s chord progression onto EZBASS.