The commonest and easiest guitar "changes" aren't in Scaler, why?

Scaler includes tons of exotic scales, but it seems that the 2 most used by poor guitarists like me aren’t there :thinking:, so I decided to close this gap hoping that pros musicians don’t start throwing rotten tomatoes at me :cold_face:

Giro di Do (I don’t know the proper English term)
C maj
A min
D min
G 7

Scaler-State_Giro di Do.xml (11.0 KB)

One example: Every Breath You Take by Police

Giro di blues (Twelve-bar blues)
– 4 times A
– 2 times D
– 2 times A
– 1 times E
– 1 times D
– 2 times A

Scaler-State_Giro di Blues.xml (11.8 KB)

examples: many

Have fun, and take it easy

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[quote=“ClaudioPorcellana, post:1, topic:12608”]
Giro di blues (Twelve-bar blues)

Well, you could use A major (you’d probably play E7 anyway) … throw in a passing b5th if it’s really bluesy … what were you looking for ?

Alternatively, just solo over it with A min pentatonic and add the b5th if you want a hexatonic blues scale depends whether you want a more blues sound.

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Nothing particular…
Or better, I found a cool way to use this other beast

making a dramatic orchestral stuff with the oddest combinations of Scaler patterns and riffs

tomorrow the result :grinning:

I think the common chord progressions include I, vi, ii, V and many other basic progressions.

What I’d like most is a custom Scale or Scales option where we could create and name scales. I’d also like custom Chords where I could just type in a chord name and Scaler would do whatever it needs to in the background and just accept the chord name I type in.

Cool post and it’s good of you to create and share the chords.