The musician slang

Hi pals

I recently found that axeman is a guitarist, and plankman is a keyboardist, that are funny

So I digged in my several dictionaries and I found other terms in my Urban Dictionary:


  1. ( 574 up, 86 down)
    Rarest member in a band, the most important person to a guitarist, used to hide mistakes of guitarist


  1. ( 212 up, 57 down)
    A person who plays guitar.

About 1 in 10 guitarists actually get good at it. The rest learn shitty blink 182 songs to impress their friends. Some of these fuckwads form bands and spread their pathetic music around the world for many idiots to enjoy because they have never heard anything better.


  1. ( 40 up, 0 down)
    One who plays the electric keyboard, who can imitate any sound, give atmosphere to any music, and stays in one place (unless using a keytar), so is easily crowded by girls.
    The guitarist of the band left the stage in anger after seeing the keyboardist ripping his solo with seventeen girls around him.

And now, you are invited to make bigger my store of knowledge of music slang

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I’m also given to understand that ‘spanking the plank’ refers largely to guitarists.

An urban dictionary also relates it to what the Victorians in England used to call ‘self abuse’ and (following an entirely innocent search in google images) appears to cover the sort of masochistic activities you might find on Pornhub, but that’s not really my ‘tazza di tè’ (see below)

  • cup of tea {English popular slang) “a pleasant and enjoyable thing or activity.”

{Footnote : The plank association might (I don’t know) have arisen from the Gretsch G6138 guitar made famous by R and B artist Bo Diddley. {This is 1960’s take on R and B, not the current genre]
The scale on this guitar was 64cm, and I add that only to give some vague reference to ‘scale(r)’.


The Percussion section in an orchestra is often referred to as the Kitchen.