The Official Unauthorized Community Tutorials Wishlist Planning Thread

This idea was catalyzed by a thread with @Alfie and others regarding tutorials.

What if we had a simple way for people to request and then vote on potential tutorials they would like to see created w/in the community? No promises that they would ever be made, but it might help focus some of the creative energy in places people are most interested.

The format is simple. People reply to this thread with their detailed requests. The more actionable the request and the more people that heart it, the more likely someone might take the time to build it. There is no need for debate about a request. Either heart it or don’t…simple as that.

If @Ed1 could pin this at the top, it could be an easy and self-managed way for makers and consumers to connect.


I am out of play because I love papers, and I hate videos :rofl:
just the contrary of any other around :upside_down_face:

Nothing says they have to be videos. Most of the tutorials and walkthroughs on here are made up of screen shots and the written word. :slight_smile:

Sure, but videos will have way more likes, so are losers in this game

and this is further aggravated by the more complex GUI of Bitwig that stops me going on with my “ink and quill” tutorials :rofl:


Possibly, but when I have drafted tutorials (usually as a response to requests for help) I tend to make them text based with screenshots. The ideal solution would be for a tutorial to be both video and text based, but I am not too good at video tutorials so I only produce text based tutorials because some people prefer videeo and some text.

There was a suggestion last month that producing tutorials with a single subject would be useful, which I think would tie in with this discussion.

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I think this is a really excellent request, with a good way of ‘voting’ for it, which might avoid the poster being trolled on some idea. I hope that the Team can make it sticky.

There is one issue that I’m not sure what the answer for might be.

For current and reasonably regular visitors, they will see the posts as they appear, and like them where relevant. However, for future joiners, when the list has grown to N hundred posts, to pick up on past things which might be of interest to them would require them to trawl back over many posts.

I’m trying to think how a summary could be created with links so a new user could scan those and navigate easily back the the detail and tick if they like it.

Could this be assisted by adding a request into your post to encourage contributors to make the first line of their post a one line summary, preceded at the start of the line with a (hopefully unique) tag which which might facilitate future searches ?

E.g ##SPURS (easy to remember for adding, but unlikely to be content is another post.

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I think that this is already an issue in the Tutorials category. I think that the easiest solution is for authors to tag their posts, as @yorkeman suggests, and to enable searching on these tags. To ensure consistency I would suggest that the tags should be based on a taxonomy, and maybe using multiple tags (e.g. #Beginner#Secondary Dominants). The challenge is setting up the taxonomy and then getting users to search in a meaningful manner.

That’s a smarter answer than mine, but as you say, the devil is in the detail of defining taxonomies in which (as such must) each tag set must have exclusive and exhaustive members (plus probably a ‘null’ tag’). I’ll mull it over …

As a starter for ten try this; probably a bit to close to the user manual organisation. We could add workflow based subjects to this or replace some of the main headings with more appropriate workflow based subjects, e.g.

  • Detecting Midi
  • Binding Midi
  • Using a Keyboard with Scaler
  • Chord Variations,
  • Augmented Chords,
  • Modulations,
  • Inversions,
  • Transposing Patterns

All we need is for some users to agree the classifications, a mechanism to add them to posts as tags, a moderator to ensure that the tags are correct and a system to add or remove tags. That sounds complex, but may not be.

Sounds like I’m being negative: I don’t mean to be as I think it is a good idea, but needs a bit of organising.

Maybe once we have a taxonomy we can persuade the Admins to upload it as tags. The only question I have is “can we have multiple tags on a post?”.

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I think something on the lines of your first suggestion was excellent, as the two tags there were ‘disjoint’ - there could never be overlap, which is always a source of classification confusion.

The set in the second post is a potential way of doing it, and maybe more natural to people, being aligned with functions in the App. However, that might mean that (for example) GUI proposals might land anywhere in that list - a problem with all multi-dimensional groupings.

I don’t have an answer, but I’ll think about it more.

Further comment : It is possible to cut and past a whole post, so an index could be built from a tagged file for a summary, which could then be posted. To create the summary from the extracted post can be automated and is simple.,

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Great to see the big brains on the case! :slight_smile:

I suspect with a bit of patience and some tuning over time, we could certainly nudge things towards an ever more usable system. Maybe there are some unused features here in Discourse platform that might help. Discourse features | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

I’m thinking the Wiki Post feature for a handful “moderators” might be useful to tune things as we build some patterns, but I’ve not thought it through yet. I don’t see any support for dynamic tags but a little common syntax might suffice and I believe less is more in this case.

Like this idea! :+1: