The 'scale' of Scaler; in permutations <gasp>

At first glance, and without looking at the details, a casual web passer-by might see Scaler as a sort of ‘music by numbers’ application. How wrong they would be !
I have now counted the basic permutations which can be produced in Scaler 2 for the built in elements.
So I counted the rhythms, melodies etc which can be applied and (including bass lines) I make it 622.
Now consider the sequences which Scaler has, for songs and artists; this is 546.
Since you can apply any of the former to any of the latter, it appears to be about 340,000 combinations - if you make no change to a standard sequence.
As you can apply the former variations to any chord in a sequence as well as myriad of other creative changes, the multiplier is simply humungous and Davide and team have produced something where the chance of 2 Scaler users producing something even remotely similar is, well, pretty rare, even if they never entered their own progressions.


Great post. Now multiply by variations in voicing and modulations x by the different software instruments it could control and their harmonics and it becomes a little like the universe. As a producer I use most things and scaler is the one thing that feels indistinguishable from the rest in terms of contributions to your track. It’s just theory after all!