The Scaler Chord Duration Setting - 101

This is Part 1 of what will eventually be a 3-part series on the Chord Duration setting in Scaler. (Settings /Playback/ Chord Duration) Part 1 is probably not all that interesting to experienced Scaler users, but hopefully some or our new members might find it useful.


Thank you from one of the “new and inexperienced members”
I am always looking for ways to further my knowledge of Scaler.

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I’m not a “new and inexperienced member”, but I completely agree! :+1:

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TMacD: I’m not a new member either, and I find the whole series of videos you’re doing very helpful (for newcomers and everyone).
Thank you for taking the time to make using Scaler easier.

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Great. I did not knew the beat in settings had effect on duration in edit mode. Thanks for clearing this up.

Thanks a lot for the very helpful videos.You have a nice voice and a good way to explain things.

However, may I make a suggestion for future videos? It’s very tiring to follow the mouse when you don’t know what exactly you want to show and where on the screen it will show the next point. If you slow it down a bit, it’s easier. And if it were possible, maybe you would also turn off the background music?

Thank you Thomass. You are very welcome and make great points. Ironically, I’ve told clients for years…“don’t think with the mouse:slight_smile: I want my videos to be usable at fast playback speeds, so I typically edit and tune with that in mind. I was so focused on the audio, I blanked on the mouse. Thanks for the reminder.

I’ve also improved my VO mic and editing workflow so I’m not quite as reliant on backing tracks to “cover” background noise. In fact, in Pt.3 I only used a little music in the opening and closing so your point is well taken.

Keep the critiques coming…here or on YT.

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