The Scrooge's Classical Orchestra

Hi there

Searching for a rompler in the classical music area I found a freeware that sounds quite well to me, and is also easy to drive with Scaler

it’s called BigCat VSC02 and it’s 32 and 64 bit

BTW, they say this version is old and deprecated, but in my system works perfectly, and there is no KK (KontaKt) involved :grin: :rofl:



Spitfires bbc discover is free and doesn’t need Kontact too.

Yes, I have the BBC SO Discover, and the sounds are gorgeous, but the number of instruments is limited, and this is why I often search for other options

This one is great too The Free Orchestra - ProjectSAM

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Project SAM is very good. Free orchestra is super but Claudio will not use it. It’s against his rules.

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thanks, but it’s kk-based… to many harsh consonants…