TheoryTab database by HookTheory .....a great free resource and compliment to Scaler

If you’ve never checked out the TheoryTab database and performance tool, (which is free and does not require a registration) you might find it interesting and a useful compliment to working with Scaler. It is a great view into how many popular songs (or parts of them) are constructed and provides some very practical and useful music theory related information. Not to mention that is just fun to see how some of the world’s most popular songs are built.

The current database has more than 30k songs (or parts of songs) with many synched YouTube performances. There are a bunch of music theory tips, and it plays straight from your browser. Nothing to install or download.

Here is a peek at part of the interface with a couple notes to get you started:

A) Toggle between just a piano playback or the synched YouTube video in a window just outside this UI
B) The Guide toggles a view that shows the Scale degrees and lets you know the stable vs. dissonant notes to help with your own melodic creations.
C) Toggle between displaying the melody notes or the chord notes on the keyboard.

Also, you can click on the colored blocks (notes) w/in the Tab and the Chords below to hear the sounds. Clicking on the keyboard directly. does not trigger sounds.


Praise You by Fatboy Slim Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory

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Thanks! I looked at Hook Theory last week but somehow missed the theory tab.

Looking at your example it should be mentioned that ‘Praise You’ was not written by Fatboy Slim he just remixed it. The original was Take Yo’ Praise by Camille Yarborough from 1975 Camille Yarbrough - Take Yo' Praise (1975) - YouTube

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Thanks for sharing this @TMacD ! As a matter of fact, just recently I wanted to look this up again, as I previously had a sub to Hooktheory, but I could not recall their website name. So now that I see it I go “yes, that!” :wink:

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It was always obvious to me that FBS remixed an original, but I never heard the original. So thanks for sharing!