Thinking about buying scaler 2. when scaler 3 comes out will there be another upgrade charge?

I like the program, and I am considering buying it. but I noticed that if you wanted to go from ver 1 to ver 2 there was a charge of $20. A lot of other programs upgrade you for free. I was just wondering if this would be the case going from ver 2 to ver 3 or every upgrade after that?
Thank you

AFAIK, major upgrades (1->2) are paid upgrades. Minor versions (2.0->2.1) are free.

It will be worth it when it happens. I wouldn’t wait for 3 though. It is probably a ways off.

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Thank you for the info.
I will play around with it some more and decide.

The newest version has a lot going for it. I still discover things it can do that I didn’t think of all the time. It has a lot going for it.

Most software does not give away major program revisions for free. Very few actually do. The upgrade in features and functions from v1 to v2 was massive. I wouldn’t even want to use v1 anymore.

$20 was a very generious upgrade price for what we recieved.

v2 is amazing and it seems like they have many upgrades in store before we even hit v3, I can’t imagine wating that long knowing how much use I get out of v2.


Think of it like this.
If you buy a certain brand of shoes (Nike), shirt, ect., you pay for it.
When they make another set of shoes, shirt, and change the color on it, you pay for that too.

“Dear Nike, I bought a pair of Blue Nikes, why I must pay for the black ones too?”
You see?

Only software company that I know of that gives free updates for Major versions is Image Line with their Daw FL Studio. I personally dont understand their logic/reason, but it works for them.

I just wanted to say, that I bit the bullet and purchased Scaler 2. I think it will be a great investment in my future projects!
Looking forward to working with it!

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The reality is that it’s reasonable that ‘big number’ upgrades attract a further licence fees, although usually discounted from first purchase. There is no viable software development business model - other than annual maintenance fees - that can fund the developers to keep evolving a product ad infinitum pro bono. (heh, two Latin phrases in one sentence ! :grinning: )

If all upgrades were free then round about Scaler 12.3.2 Davide and Ed would be eating out of dustbins.

I like the software and want to support it, especially when they’re trying to keep their product affordable to start with.

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Well, just my 2 cents. Upgrade from Scaler 1.x to Scaler 2 was 19 $. If you want to upgrade, for example, any software that costs hundreds of Dollars, well, the upgrade will cost you also in hundreds of Dollars. What is 19$ ? You can buy a few Big Macks for this amount. How long will it last? Maybe an hour or two. When you buy Scaler, you have years of pleasure before you spend another 20$ or so for the next version.