This 30-year-old music software has been updated again

This 30-year-old music software has been updated again.
That’s right, it’s band in a box. Now 2022 is launched.

Please note that this is not an advertisement. I just share.
I used the 2022 version of the band in a box for the first time. There are new things, but I don’t necessarily use it because I just use the VST version or the standalone version to export some real tracks.

Many people use Biab to practice guitar or piano. There are also many people who use it to make songs. I mainly use BIAB to quickly create some phrases.

I see that many people are also strongly asking for more MIDI, because MIDI is more convenient. Many people are using BIAB to learn styles of various music.

So I thought of a question, can I completely abandon the real track. One problem with BIAB is that many people feel that it is not modern enough after using it. This is the feel from the interface, and the real track uses a lot of guitars. This will make people feel old-fashioned and old-fashioned.

Assuming that the SCALER software increases the playability, a large number of STYLEs can be added, just using MIDI. Because MIDI is more suitable for direct use in various synthesizers VST, and the synthesizer sound will make the music feel more modern.

If one day SCALER can also input chords, select STYLE, and generate MIDI, it will help more people get in touch with music. I have talked about this topic in the past. But I am willing to continue to repeat. I also hope that friends will discuss it together.

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Recently, some internal functions of BIAB have been studied

chord settings
bar settings…etc
These functions are very powerful

Wondering… If I just wanted to generate say a couple of bars of harmonica to add to a Reaper project, can BIAB do that without a lot of messing around?

Yes, BIAB can certainly do that and so much more, but… it does nothing without “messing around”. It is a very deep and very complex program. Thirty years of code is not comprehended in an afternoon. If you would like, send me your Reaper Tracks and I can add harmonica fills or solos where you would like them so you can hear the quality. Remember these are “real” recodings of actual artists playing over your chord chart, at any bars, any tempo, any key, and any style.

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It won’t be messy. It will be harmonious.
And you can generate countless segments, just click the mouse. Audition immediately. And it’s a real track.
You can also edit countless segments generated by yourself to become a real solo
Guitar, piano, thousands of musical instruments, all of them
There are not only Solo, but also riff, and phrases, all kinds of styles, tens of thousands of kinds.
If you don’t believe it, give me some harmony and I’ll do it for you right away, ha ha

I’ve checked out the manual, and it looks like a pretty huge program for what I’d like at this point. Could you give a simple walkthrough for a fill like that, or point to a tutorial maybe? Generating some fills could be a good way to introduce myself to BIAB maybe.

This program can be scary good. I am tellilng you, that you need to have an inner computer nerd to take the leap. There are a ton of instruction videos at the pgmusic web site. Here is what is trending now with the launch of 2022…

I believe that with the continuous addition of functions, the playability of Scaler will be higher.

A simple arrangement can be done in just a few minutes: all you have to do is enter a chord progression, select a style and press the Play button.

I still have to settle for my 2021 Ultrapak package because the Mac version 2022 is not ready yet. In any case, there are still so many in the 2021 version, especially in the Ultrapak package, for example, that there are endless possibilities. I think it’s an amazing program. Really fast making music.