This chord progression crashes Scaler!

Every time (repeated at least 6 times) I make this progression Scaler crashes… I even restarted a new instance in a new project and built this progression one chord at a time. Within seconds Scaler (and Reaper) crashed…

Reaper 6.58, normally very stable!

What computer and what OS? Have you tried turning OpenGL off?
When does it crash? When you play a pad?

You can disable OpenGL Rendering from the ScalerSettings application:

  • Press the Windows key to open the search and type “ ScalerSettings
  • Go to the Help page and click “Turn OFF OpenGL”:

I reproduced this

and it plays without problem on my PC under Windows 10 with Scaler VST3 running in Cantobile.

A priori, this would rule out a code logic error arising just from the sequence of chords in isolation.

A crash would normally point to some hardware interaction (such as on Apple M1 chips, and hence @jamieh 's suggestion) BUT the implication in your post is that other progressions work without problems - which is odd.

As @jamieh suggests post some more information about your set up, but additionally confirm, that the crash does not occur with other sequences.

I’m sure than that other Reaper users will then check this and indicate if they can replicate the issue.

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Can I suggest you export the state and upload it so that someone can try to replicate the issue.

PS With my limited knowledge could you tell me what a B tritone chord is, please?

You can construct a B tritone dyad (two notes) on the chord page. having notes B and F

As usual, lots of stuff in Wikipedia

Thanks @yorkeman stupid me not thinking