This is definitely an underrated software. band in a box

I like SCALER very much and I use it every day. Band in a box has been useless for ten years, and recently I started contacting it again. From the band in a box, I seem to see a direction of Scaler. Of course Scaler will be more professional, because Scaler is more perfect in terms of chords. Next, let me share my feelings

This is definitely an underrated software. band in a box
In fact, I used this software more than ten years ago, but in the end I thought it was eliminated and I didn’t use it.
But recently I saw that their latest model has a VST, so I decided to use it again. I have been using it recently. I think BAND IN A BOX is seriously underestimated.
This tool can quickly let you complete the song, a large number of styles for you to use, select, rely on, and complete the song. All this requires you to enter the chord.
I think if SCALER can learn from BAND IN A BOX, then SCALER will be more successful.
However, now BAND IN A BOX has a large capacity due to a lot of materials, hundreds of G

I don’t know if anyone in the forum has used it?

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There are a couple of us from the BIAB forum who frequent this forum. Along with that, there is a thread over in the BIAB forum with over 20,000 views since Scaler 2 was launched. So ya, Scaler 2 and BIAB have a bit in common. :grin:

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Thanks for sharing. I just registered there. I’ll send you a message. Is it convenient for you?

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Scaler is a brand new software. The interface is more comfortable and the operation is more comfortable. But I don’t know if scaler has any idea of developing into band in box. In that way, it may need to find many people to record and classify music. This workload is very heavy, and it will also make scaler become a big one, but there is no doubt that it will make scaler a favorite in the world.
The interface of band in box has always confused me, but they worked hard from 2019 to 2021 to let everyone see hope. Now we can not only finish the song quickly, but also the song quality is good. The real track and various song styles make everything so simple

I used to have BiB way back in the 90s on an Atari when I started messing around with MIDI, can’t remember where I got it from may have been free with a magazine or an offer. I have looked at the modern version and was surprised by the price which is way beyond my means, being a pensioner, so I think I will stick to Scaler at a more economical option. Both are great pieces of software but I’m afraid there are limits to funds so I try to make the most of what I’ve got.


@carlosbiab can say you many things, as his nickname suggests

In my opinion anyway, BIB is a closed ecosystem and I don’t like very much these systems

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no no. Not closed. Drag and drop arbitrarily. Now there is vst, which is very convenient. However, it’s a bit expensive :cry:

for “close ecosystem” I mean that you cannot use BIAB instruments elsewhere, and you cannot use your plugins into it

Maybe now is changed but I think to remember it worked this way when I bought it and asked for a refund a few days after

Anyway I prefer open system, where you have a standalone DAW and standalone plugins, and all them will work elsewhere: this way, you save your money in case you decide to change something

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Claudio, BIAB has come a long way in just the past ~2 - 3 years. Users have been very demanding regarding getting BIAB to play with other Musical Tools. Using VSTs in BIAB became fully workable in version 2021. We can now insert Kontakt on any of the midi tracks. But what was really the game changer was the introduction of the BIAB-VST which came along in 2019, improved in 2020 and improved again in 2021. This moved ~80% of the practical midi and audio working tools of BIAB directly into your DAW. Just recently we now have the ability to drag and drop chord charts between
BIAB and to Scaler 2. Of course still a ways to go, but your comments sounds like they could be from pre- 2018.


Can I drag and drop the chord of scaler to band in a box?
I didn’t succeed. Did I do it wrong? Is there a solution?
thank you

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Yes, relatively speaking, scaler is more open and scaler is worth looking forward to.
I share bank in a box here
Because I see a direction. If scaler continues to make progress, I can follow this idea in the future.
The real track in bank in a box is very good and can be changed at will. It is played by professionals and is very easy to use.
I was thinking that scaler has a lot of work to do, such as finding some professional people to play the true track. In this case, it is a cumulative process and eventually erupts. Change the way music is made.

bank in a box renders well the cost involved

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I don’t know BIAB, but have you recorded or lassoed chords before?
if not, try that

Yes, you can D&D block chord charts (chord name only - BIAB will currently not permit the midi to move into it) from Scaler to the BIAB-VST but as of this writing only with Reaper as the host. Long story. Much of this is a work in progress from the BIAB-VST point of view. Changes are coming but sometimes they are slow.

That thread above contains a video I made showing how this is done. BTW, I use the Lasso.


I can’t put it in. I can only enter text with the keyboard. Is that what you mean? You can’t drag and drop, you can only enter text.
Besides, I don’t know what a Lasso is.

By the way, a digression. Band in box generates a large number of wavs. Do you need me to delete them? Or did they disappear automatically? I’m worried about taking up more and more of the hard disk

is using the mouse pointer to draw an imaginary line around something…

Like a series of chords as explained here

This should help in regards to D&D chord names with Scaler 2, BIAB and Reaper. See the video posted in the tread.

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Ya, you have good right to be concerned. BIAB creates a huge amount of .wav files. But it is very manageable when you know where all the pieces go.

I finished watching the video. You can drag and drop in the video.
But I can’t operate it. The Daw I use is studio one.
Do not know why? It should still be the problem of BIAB. ha-ha