C F G C E Am Dm G
There is no Emaj in C major, but it feels good to put it in.

Question 1:What is this called in English music terms?tonicisation? or outside?

Question 2:I really think it sounds good. I wonder if there is any help in SCALER to find a quick way to tune outside chords?

Question 3: I found that there are dark gray and light gray in the suggested chords. What does this mean?

It means they are outside the scale. Suggest is how you find those kind of chords quickly. You still need to use your ear as to what sounds good to you.

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I think there is still a pattern, such as 251
Another example is the dominant seventh chord in harmony minor.
If there are rules, the software should be able to achieve

That’s how it makes the suggestions. E is the 3rd degree in C scale. Emin chord. It’s not hard to extrapolate changing it to major. You can find that in the mod section as well a Tonal suggest. Scale suggest will stick to the scale Tonal suggest explores tonality as in E existing in Cmaj changing Emin to a maj. Hmmmm. Sounds good! I’ll use it.
Even when you’re in a certain key, you can borrow progressions from other keys in a number of ways. The most common way is what we call “secondary dominants”. Most often, when you see a major chord where you would expect a minor one, it’s a secondary dominant.

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in harmony, we use the scale A harmonique minor (with a G#)
the chord E major is E G# and B, the third G# is the (leading note) don’t know the exact term, in french it’s called “sensible” of the A harm minor, it means the G# want to go to A.
As a B in a G chord wants to go to C. “mouvement obligé” forced motion or something in english.
tonal harmony…in C ,…the B want and can go to C…and F to E … vice versa witch means some variations depending the bass note, inversion
hope it helps, understand myself but not sure writing it
paper pen :wink:


I didn’t find Emaj in my suggestion in C major

I haven’t used mod either. It feels a little messy.

I can find Emaj because the V in am harmony minor is Emaj.

How to find emaj in the suggestion and turn the page? Do I have any functions I haven’t mastered? Please tell me, thank you.

but in Amin, the first “outside” or “borrowed” chord is EMaj
If you choose harmonic min scale, you will see that chord
hope it helps

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Correct - that is the key to unlock what you are trying to do. You are learning well. It’s a deep ocean to dive into.

it is very important to understand the meaning of the “sensible”, leading note in a chord (the B in a C scale)… it goes to the root… that’s why the G chord, which has the B as a third, has to go to C…forced motion…
so the B has to go to C, the G stay G and the D goes to E and you have the V-I cadence
witch is very important in the tonal system
that’s why the EMaj E stay E, G# has to go to A and B needs to go to C…of course :wink:
if you have a melody in C (no sharp, no flat on the key) and you see a G# in the 3rd or 4th measure or wherever, be sure you can harmonize that note with a E major or dominant seven “E7” to be on Am minor, for a short time and get back to C to follow the main harmony of the phrase


Of course there are rules. Scaler, again has most of these things. With each update they get more refined. Suggest is valuable to me now. It wasn’t there before. It’s getting there.

I just open YouTube and see this today new video, it coule help


“To learn to compose music you learn and follow certain rules. To compose music you must learn to break them.” Paraphrase of a bit of wisdom from Nadia Boulanger.


Someone told me a way to circle five degrees.
4736251, replace 7 with 5
Then know the last note, and then calculate the chord upwards.
I have a song, I arranged it according to my humming C Am Em Am Am G G C
Then I knew that the last sound was C, and then deduced it according to 4536251:
Em Am Dm G C, in order to emphasize C major, I changed to C F(1-4) at the beginning
Finally, I hummed myself and found C F F Em Am Dm G C. It can also be sung together, and it is more comfortable and better than what I found.

I found two problems:
1: Can match many kinds of chords
2: The Grand Piano in SCALER sometimes sounds too much to make me confused. I have to drag and drop it into EZKEY to find something wrong.

I am thinking about Scaler, can it be automated.
For example, we wrote a C F G C
Then click the button, which is more complicated, more complicated, and very complicated.
Some chords are automatically generated. :grinning:

Hmmmmmm. Interesting spelling.

Bach’s Telephone Number: 736-2514 :slight_smile:

Not to forget the area code ** (555) ** LOL

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It certainly does feel good to put in, it’s called a Chromatic Mediant modulation, just like C Maj to A Maj is perhaps the most common Hollywood chord progressions. Look at the Mediant modulation preset in the MOD page in Scaler and try playing around there!!!


thank you very much