Too long notes release

Since I have Scaler I´m struggling with the long notes release from many sounds. Is there a way to shorten it (probably not…)?

From the internal sounds of Scaler? The factory sounds?

Internal/factory sounds, yes. There is a lot of bleeding to the next chord that I´m forced to use Scaler as a midi fx and not with the internal sounds although those are quite nice and it´s a quicker setup.

Have not heard of that problem. Any particular sounds?

Hi @thomass

at the moment there is no way to control the release of internal sounds. It is something we are looking at for future releases.

Thanks for the feedback,

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Thanks for the feedback!

Listen to that example, comparison between scaler 2 e-piano and Logic e-piano:


I can’t say I’ve had much issue with this. What I’d suggest is to shorten the duration of the notes and perhaps use a noise gate or MIDI Gate on the channel to tame the overlap. I didn’t hear much of an issue in the example.

I do agree that some kind of basic ADSR control of the internal sounds would be excellent and I’m glad there’s thought about that for a future version of Scaler.

Yes we would love to have everything in scaler but I am amazed that Ed and the DEVS have managed to get so many of our recorded sounds in there and made them sound so good. ADSR, multi layered velocity based triggers, modulation and effects are all things we would love to have in scaler but we need to consider it’s not really a synth or a sampler - that’s a bonus. Not to say we won’t expand on this but all in pecking order.

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@davide That´s not the point here. i´m not asking for more options (which imho would be the wrong way) but more to fix a quality issue.

@1stInversion your suggestion goes the wrong way. Using a gate is a complete different output.

What do you mean, “completely different output?”

I’m totally on board with @davide here.

This is a purely personal take. I am a (geriatric) bedroom fiddler and Scaler has opened new dimensions on my feeble efforts to make music.

The samples in Scaler occupy around 0.8Gb. They don’t sound as good as those from my Spectrasonics VSTs - but their sound source folder is 105Gb; 140x the size. I can name two patches that together take more than the whole of the Scaler patches.

My take (completely biased by my own possibly odd circumstances) are

1 I had no expectation of using Scaler to finalise sounds, but viewed the internal sounds as a very convenient way to audition some construct.

2 @Ed1 and team deserve a big tick for what they actually have delivered in a small space. {Sanity check: Scaler in toto occupies 26Mb; the Spectrasonics Omnisphere vst - just the synth part of functionality - occupies 64Mb ).

3 My (again a very personal take) is that I’d prefer (no doubt scarce) development days being applied to extending the real artistic and commercial distinctive competences Scaler brings to the table, rather than spending time to try and make it into a synth; it’s likely that whatever they do they won’t be able to compete with companies like Spectrasonics (and many others) and people will still complain.

4 Every organisation has to continually ask itself “what business we are in?”. I have a view on what the priority should be, and watch with interest how this pans out.


It’s not unrealistic to expect more control over the internal sounds in our next major iteration, possible control over ADSR…I personally prefer a mono legato involving portamento…

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