Too much stuffed vibes is not so good

I just listened Tom Wait’s Foreign Affairs, and I realized that my songs are too much stuffed

I must study deeper the features of amazing songs like the Tom Wait’s one, or others in the same style

(almost) empty spaces have much to tell, as in cartoon drawings for example were a few lines are enough in skilled hands
(not mine :crazy_face:)

Ahh the power of negative space…or in this case sound.

image image

Just like how, for some people, negative space produces “hidden images” in logos like Elettro Domestici or FedEx , I wonder of something similar is happening in sound.

Your post you got me wondering…do some people hear the silence in different ways than others. Is this a characteristic of a trained musician or composer, or is it a natural function of how our brains manage temporal variation or dissonance and training develops our awareness. Just like classic question…do people “see” colors differently…do people “hear” the spaces between the sounds differently?

I suspect this is part of studying music and probably included in Intro to Rhythms 101. However your post got me thinking about what I’m hearing in a little different way…and that does not happen every day. Thanks!

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You are welcome

But what is hidden in the fedex picture?

I’ve seen the first one: brilliant
but the second?

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 5.10.26 PM

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aha, a simple arrow
I believed it was some letters as in the first case