Toontrack EZdrummer 3 is a newborn baby!

I am testing it with just now, and I can tell it’s improved a lot

For example, it can now be used directly while auditing Scaler performances (but not driven by Scaler) without having to edit anything, SLURP!

So my advice is to give it a try

Doesn’t it play it’s own rhythm patterns? How does that work with Scaler patterns? Are you triggering it with Scaler or what?

I am not sure, but I suspect it plays in the same time used by your DAW project
Anyway, it’s very comfortable to me

And no, I didn’t drive it with Scaler: just dropped EZDrummer 3 on a track and it started

Even if I know that Scaler can drive anything, drums included, I prefer using the AI or the patterns of each plugin equipped with

For example, yesterday I composed a blues vibe, and no Scaler pattern was suitable, so I used Scaler just to have the series of chords, then I recorded the EZkeys MIDI and used EZkeys patterns to make them suitable

Logic pro x has had the same feature on drums. It follows the desired track if necessary.

Maybe it’s a langue thing but that’s exactly how I would use it. In your first post you mentioned Scaler like Scaler was directly involved. But it’s right that they play together side by side exactly as I thought. Have fun!

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Luckily enough I translate English to Italian
the other way I could be easily fired

Please post the results of your exploration … I have EZ Drummer 2 and have held off updating because I’m not sure it delivers anything more than my existing tools (Stylus RMX and UJAM Hype); Do you recommend updating ?

IMHO, EZ2 has a very limited set of patterns compared with the other two (RMX in the thousands) and it seems they have a Barbie Doll approach; the nude doll doesn’t cost much but you have to spend a fortune on clothes for it - and there seems to be no way to check out the add-on packs before getting out a credit card.

*** Added later : And no, I do not actually have a Barbie Doll, other than in the track by Aqua …

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R di ridi I di ridi D di ridi I di ridi

(the GIFs tell: RIDI, smile in Italian)

I don’t know, but maybe you can try the demo

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Try XO drums best drumming plug-in by far !!! :sunglasses:

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thanks but I am not a Pro so I don’t change tools unless they stop working or become really bad: changes cost a lot, you loose bought midi packs, and you have often to remake raw songs you have

N.B.: Toontrack EZdrummer 3 doesn’t have an automatic feature as I said before

Nevertheless, setting a dedicated basic rhythm to jam on is way easier than before, because you just have to drop a MIDI, from Scaler or an accompaniment plugin, and it creates instantly a suitable drumline, that you can improve later if needed

I used EZ2 to control XO u can import any midi packs into xo and it will automatically categorise
Them all within XO XLN audio go to YouTube
Take a look

how do you import midi into (or trigger) XO? as far as i know, this is a limitation of the app.