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Hi guys I’m looking for feedback on my track before I mix it in Dolby-atmos Stream WOW -01 by Sheriff vlogs | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I’m still learning how to produce music I’m been doing it on and off for a couple of years now. One of my main goals was to release royalty free music / finish setting up my website from January which hasn’t happened yet. For the tracks I was using scaler recording it into an audio I’m trying to avoid using midi track I prefer audio than midi. Whan I’m producing most of the time I get ear fatigue and start to lose perspective and some times get bored of the track or something that I thought was cool isn’t good anymore. I allso notice when I add stuff things start to become a mess I’m trying to limit the amount of stuff I add in a track. Any tips on how to improve on the tracks / work quickly would be appreciated.
I’m trying to release music before end of the year or one track a month. thanks

My feedback is good job - keep making music and your vibe will define itself!

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is there anything I should change

No, apart from the ending not resolving (to my ears) I like it exactly as it is.
In your statement you sounded a little unsure about yourself, your music sounds the opposite, reminds me a little of Gilroy Mere from Clay Pipe Music, and I love his work, keep it up !
And I also agree with Davide.
The Green Line (

Thanks, ill work on that it’s the first track right