Trad. chord progression revamped - audio demo included

Scaler 2 is an extraordinary music exploration enhancer, a creative tool that can go beyond simple chord progression to bring different perspectives to your musical ideas.
So this is my first chord contribution to Scaler, I thought of something simple but ended up with something else.

This little 4 chords progression Fmaj7, Abmaj7, Dbmaj7, Gb7 it is usually found in intros of some bolero Latin and jazz influenced songs and can be revamped into more modern styles, like “Tu mi Delirio” (César Portillo de la Luz Cuban songwriter) song which has been covered countless times by singers, soloists, bands and orchestras.
Starting from this progression I crafted a more elaborate and expanded chord series in Scaler 2, processed with Playback Performances, Expression / Phrases / Strumming and some inversions and octaves transpose for generate piano and synth pad parts and finally integrate all in a brief music piece that I created and really enjoyed recording

Audio demo song: (I named it “Scaler 2 Heaven” )

The chord progression sets for Scaler 2.1
**SCALER 2.1 DATA SET ( XML files for import in Scaler 2.1 )

Instructions: create a folder named “Scaler_2_Heaven_sets” in Scaler2 “sets” directory, usually in: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Plugin Boutique\Scaler2\Sets. Can access it easily in USER/Open Folder. Copy BOTH ‘Scaler_2_Heaven_CHORDS.xml’ and ‘Scaler_2_Heaven_State.xml’ files inside the new dir.

  • make a “Refresh List”

load “Scaler_2_Heaven_State” set


Play it and enjoy.

For play the full multi pad chord progression, go to C section in Scaler / Open Chord Pad.
Can play manual or use the MIDI file included :

NOTE: This progression is characterized by not having a key center, so I forced the first chord, Fmaj7, as root chord in Scaler 2 by click on the padlock icon and choice ‘Maintain Current Scale’ or ‘Force into Scale’. Otherwise Scaler 2 could take another chord as root grade which would change the scale used for Performance Expressions and producing weird results for the song purpose. Because that, I included a “State” xml file for a more accurate export task.


Some technical info:

  • Scaler 2.1 (piano and pad parts)
  • DAW: Reaper 6.13
  • Synth Bass, eDrums, aditional electric guitar, string and percussion: Band-in-a-Box 2020
  • Scaler 2 SYNTH: Sound: “Celestial Existence”
  • Acoustic piano: I use a VSTi instrument (Pianoteq) routed to Scaler
  • Lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards, mix: myself.

I hope enjoy this little chords and demo. Best.


Very cool. I learned new things about Scaler from this as well. Thank you!

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You’re welcome, Im glad you liked. I forgot to mention, this was the Performance set I used and programmed for each chord individually in ‘PLAYBACK PERFORMANCES’ in this case for PATTERN 2 .

notably the one with your magic guitar

listening that sound makes me dying for a real guitar but…
then I remember how rough are strings, and I come back happily to my keyboard

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Sounded great! Some tasty guitar playing too! :+1:

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