Tranpose Chords Patterns - anywhere in scaler where you can select a chord pattern

Using 2.06beta

Ability to right click on a single chord pattern and transpose anywhere in scaler
meaning wherever you can select a chord pattern, be able to transpose it right there

There are now many ways to transpose. Certainly more than before. I guess Section C (the builder) is the only area where it can not be accessed directly. You can edit a chord and transpose individually or you can go into edit mode and transpose there. I wonder whether there is scope to select all and then clicking individual parameters (like +1 semitone) applies to all?

I recognize this, however, in terms of my workflow which can be somewhat fluid and on the fly using scaler, it would be great to simply have a pulldown option for changing semitone when right clicking on a pattern anywhere in scaler.

Its a matter of not being forced into another screen or workflow which involves more mouse clicks or changing focus to other screens.

It its not too difficult to implement this, I think many would find it valuable

Let me chat with the Dev team, maybe there is an option to right click ‘transpose all selected’


My ideal would be to have these functions on the on the Pad itself.

Something like this: Click “Edit” on the pad and zones appear on the pad allowing transpose, inversion and, perhaps add/remove tensions by click on zones on the pad or perhaps as some kind of overly appears when you click “edit” on the pad.

I also like Key Commands. So, Key Commands for Inversion and Transpose of a chord would be great.